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Jan Garncarek is a distinguished designer with a master’s degree in Design from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. He further refined his skills at the Politecnico di Milano, studying under the esteemed designers Michele de Lucchi and Andrea Branzi. This diverse academic background has profoundly shaped his design philosophy and technical expertise. After gaining valuable experience at Towarzystwo Projektowe, a renowned industrial design studio in Warsaw, Jan established his own studio. His commitment to nonindustrial production methods ensures each piece is unique and of the highest quality, embodying a meticulous attention to craftsmanship. Through his studio, Jan continues to push the boundaries of contemporary design, creating timeless pieces that reflect his dedication to excellence and innovation. A continuation of the themes that most interest him – craftsmanship, history and permanence – the Jeden collection designed exclusively for Studio Fenice is an organic development of his past work, using the same language and materials to express new ideas.

“People have always looked up at the sky, searching for signs there.”

Interview by Rosanna Robertson

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Jan Garncarek Design

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