Collection by Kara Rooney

Coffee Table Set of 3 Eggs by Studio Straf

Collection by Tomás S. Lynch

Base by Balmaceda

Huma by Maison Dalziel

M010 Dining Table by Monolith

Baba Sconce by Jan Garncarek Design

Dig It Armchair by GIOPAGANI

Een by Bronze Age

Basalto Chair by Aguirre Design

Menberi Coffee Table by Hintsa Rudman

Birch Chair by Petra Madalena

Amazonas Stool by Ayres

Star Cabinet by VeniceM

Mano Floor Lamp by Umberto Bellardi Ricci

Nube Sofa by Siete Studio

Double Arch Pendant Light by Square in Circle

Cube Variations 5, Core by J. McDonald

Luna A Round Sconce by Gabriel Scott

Cinta Dining Table by Atra Form Studio

Colección Molinillo 022 by Colección Estudio

Core Table Lamp by Johannes Hemann

Acceleration Chair by Joel Escalona

Dark Matter by Milan Pekar

Mutua Floor Lamp by Studio H. Fernández

Rug Collection by Studio Straf

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Exclusive Collections

Base Collection by Balmaceda

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The Base collection embodies the essence of everything that forms the bedrock of our existence. It’s not merely a part; it’s the cornerstone Jose has chosen, his pillar of support and sustenance.

This collection delves into the art of fortifying our foundations with deliberate precision and serene deliberation. Through blocks, profiles, and planes, it unveils the skeletal structure that shapes our identity—an intricate visual representation of our ideas, values, and aspirations. The base symbolizes our resolute commitment to being a sturdy, unyielding vessel from which we forge ahead, charting a course toward a promising future.

Designed exclusively for Studio Fenice, this collection encapsulates the fusion of artistic vision and meticulous craftsmanship, inviting you to discover the essence of solidity and aspiration woven into every rug.



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Jeden by Jan Garncarek Design

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Jeden’s collection by Jan Garncarek offers a captivating selection of lights, infused with a cosmological perspective from the designer. Garncarek’s vision stretches beyond the ordinary, as he draws inspiration from various phenomena not typically linked together. Travel impressions intertwine seamlessly with observations of celestial bodies and comets, resulting in designs that transcend the boundaries of conventional lighting concepts. Through Jeden’s collection, Garncarek invites viewers to explore the vast expanse of the cosmos, infusing each piece with a sense of wonder and awe inspired by the mysteries of the universe.

Hiwot by Hintsa Rudman

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Hintsa Rudman’s debut collection ‘Hiwot’ is composed of many fragments; an assemblage of the things that have influenced and informed the designers – the places, homes, people and objects that have defined their worlds, both separately and together.

Combining European aesthetics with Eritrean culture, Hintsa Rudman takes a layered and cross-cultural approach, and for their first collection, the designers return to their childhoods – collecting and combining souvenirs of summers past.

For Azamit, holidays were spent with her grandparents in Asmara, the capital city of Eritrea – and a playground for Italian architects throughout the 20th century, who built numerous Deco and Modernist masterpieces. A place of great beauty, Azamit’s artistic vision incorporates the same mix of the expressionist, rationalist, futurist, and cubist elements that populate the city. For Francis, summers were spent with his grandparents in the French and English countryside, surrounded by antiques and heirlooms that had been passed from generation to generation – designs with a timeless appeal.

An expression of this heritage, the collection weaves together two distinct yet overlapping histories. Named after Azamit’s grandmother, ‘Hiwot’ translates from Ge’ez to mean ‘life’ – and is thus a fitting choice to mark the launch of the brand, and its first collection.

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